January 2012


wild pulp

  The artist behind wildpulp, C. Owen, finds his inspiration through nature to create “unpolluted design”. These animal silhouette prints, filled with a range of realistic photos of purposefully chosen tree bark, are the perfect marriage between rugged and elegant. See the entire “North American Animals in Bark” collection on the wildpulp etsy page. These…


bread & butter 2012

We were so excited to be invited back to Bread & Butter this year (last year was amazing)! New products weren’t the only thing on display—we brought our very own stamping machine! It’s such a cool way for people all over the globe to get to know our brand. Thanks for being a great host Berlin! Check…


sweet vintage vignettes

We are absolutely smitten with the photography of Charlene Precious. Her vintage-inspired style brings beauty and life to the simplest subjects. We just can’t get enough of the soft, romantic color palette she carries through her photographs. These whimsical prints from her shop will be just in time for February! all Images via Charlene Precious


potter + butler

With Valentine’s Day just under a month away, we’re already dreaming up the sweet treats we’ll make in celebration. We’re partial to anything with buttercream frosting so a cake (this recipe is calling our names) might be just the thing to make. Most importantly, we’ll be looking to Potter + Butler  to help us decorate…


polaroid picture

If you’re searching for that art conversation piece that makes people stop and take notice, look no further. Creative director Jirko Bannas and photobook publisher Oliver Seltmann worked intensively for two years on the idea of the light picture. Out of their hard work came LightBoys, and the tangible model of an ultra-flat, bright, and uniformly-illuminated lightwall. Their goal was to create photographic masterpieces with…


etsy spotlight: louisest art

We just stumbled upon these beautifully composed original watercolor paintings from Etsy shop, Louisest Art.  The artist, who hails from the Netherlands, describes her work as ”colorful, transparent, and poetical”—and we would have to agree! This abstract blue pattern reminds us of what you might find in a mid-century textile, like an old bark cloth pattern….


letterpress love

We love the look of a letterpress design. It always seems to tell a unique story, steeped in the longstanding tradition of handcraft. Mink Letterpress has combined this technique with the distinct beauty of vintage handkerchiefs in their 2012 calendar. A fusion of pastel hues and vintage florals, the six-page set is perfect for adorning…


patterns from above

If you’ve ever taken a moment to look down from an airplane window seat then you know just how beautiful the earth is from above. Photographers Brent Yaggi and Sarah Hicks managed to capture this beauty from 2,000 feet up in a Cessna 172. The Denver-based pair spent the last three years flying across the…


100 years of design

1942 Chevrolet truck images via Annyas.com Chevrolet just celebrated 100 years of making American history  through their and so and so took note of all the great design of the spedomator throughout the years……here are a few of our favorites, check out the full gallery here. 1959 Chevrolet Impala 1966 Chevy Nova 1967 Camaro 1969 Camaro


Chinese New Year

Next Monday marks the most important traditional Chinese holiday, Chinese New Year. We love it for its vibrant colors, fun festivities, and great food.  The holiday marks the end of the winter season and carries traditions that we can all take with us—to reconcile, release all grudges, and sincerely wish peace and happiness to everyone….