March 2012


spotted: around the office

Who’s got great style? Well, our office sure does! We played paparazzi for the afternoon trying to capture “who wore it best”. In the end, we think they were all winners…  


rosie and me poster contest

Better hurry! Today is the last day to enter our Rosie and Me poster giveaway!  A couple of weeks ago we had a blast hanging out and listening to the band perform at our office.  Our designers created this awesome limited-edition poster, complete with signatures from the band. To enter, simply log on to twitter…


she can leap tall buildings

We recently stumbled upon this creative series from California-based photographer Heidi Lender. Once fashion reporter and yoga instructor, her work “She Can Leap Tall Buildings” celebrates the juggling act women tend to play in their daily lives. A nod to her mother and her own mountain of responsibilities, each composition captures a unique illustration of…


grab a spoon

Image via Jeni’s Ice Creams As the temperatures begin to change (hooray for spring!), so do our tastebuds. We begin craving all of the cool, icy treats that come along with the spring/summer season—popsicles, snowcones, and most of all, ice cream. Although we love ice cream year-round, it just seems to taste the best right…


sxsw part II

For the second half of our SXSW weekend, we took in the shows and enjoyed some up-and-coming artists such as the boys of Fun., Youth Lagoon, and the amazing Santigold. Gotta love having so much great music packed into one weekend! Fun. Youth Lagoon.


paper cave

Hundreds of cones were installed by designer Wendy Plomp of WND and Edhv to create this colorful cave of paper stalagmites and stalactites. This surreal installation was up during Milan fashion week last year. The simple shapes that create this paper cave become unique through their repetition and thoughtful use of color. We are now wondering…


easter ensembles

Learn more about this look here. Besides the chocolate bunnies and colorfully striped eggs, Easter is also about wearing your favorite spring dresses and skirts! It’s the perfect time to scrap the jeans and put on something more twirly. Our 3 favorites are a geometric-printed sundress, a laser-cut pleated skirt, and a bright pullover sweater….


quilted march

Part of our love for vintage is the craftsmanship that inevitably comes along with it. Classic goods made using techniques and traditions passed through generations always have the most authentic stories to tell. These kantha quilts are pieced together from vintage remnants of saris, creating a vibrant landscape of color and pattern. Did you know…


page pockets

Image via Just Something I Made We love this quick and simple D.I.Y. from Just Something I Made for turning book pages into hiding places to stash away things like receipts. This is a great way to put all of those old books you can’t seem to part with to good use!


unplug it

Image via Santa Rosa Mom It’s hard to imagine the last time we actually went longer than a couple of our hours (let alone 24) without using our smartphones, laptops, tablets, etc.  After all, we rely on our smartphones for everything from waking us up in the morning to getting the latest Twitter update. But,…