April 2012


coachella 2012 style

Images via The Anthology, Be Lighter, Broke & Chic, and Type F Of course we love Coachella for the music, but we’re also into the eclectic style that always accompanies the festival. From cropped leather jackets to printed pants, there’s something to love in every style shot we’ve seen! Here are some of our favorite looks:…


yours is the earth

In celebration of Earth Day, we’re highlighting one of our favorite eco-friendly Etsy shops: Yours is the Earth.  Run by artists Jamie Wyckoff and Allie Peach, the shop offers an assortment of illustrated and calligraphed cards, posters, and kitchen goods. Their prints are so unique, and, best of all, they’re earth friendly, too! Wykoff and Peach…


summer LIFE

Warmer weather and the promise of long summer days have us looking for authentic style inspiration, so we were thrilled to come across these wonderful images from LIFE magazine. How great is this picturesque summer in Fairfield County, Connecticut (circa 1948 and 1949). We love that effortless style and casual refinement are just as relevant now as they were then. Images via A Continuous…



Scarlett Maxi Dress, Vintage Re-Issue Messenger, and Maddox Flats  


what inspires us: music

 Image via Fossil.Life.Style We love to surround ourselves with music—it inspires us, surprises us, and excites us every day! From vintage headphones to guitar charms, head over to Fossil.Life.Style to check out a few of our favorite musical things. Image via Fossil.Life.Style Image via itunes  


vintage learning

Remember learning your letters with flash cards? These homemade gems were discovered at an estate sale by one of our sharp-eyed designers. The quirky pops of color and simple object references made us smile. The newspaper watch even reminds us of a classic Fossil favorite. When it seems a lot of our inspiration happens via the…


spotted on: sincerely jules

Images via Sincerely Jules When it comes to stylish bloggers, Jules of Sincerely Jules is at the top of our list. This girl just has a knack for putting together an outfit, and we always leave her blog feeling inspired to try something new with our wardrobe, which is one reason we’re so delighted to…


inspiration nation

Image via Flickr We’ve always got traveling on the brain, and oftentimes the farther the better.  The scenes and colors that we can capture from other countries is truly invaluable (even as the cost of flying is sky-rocketing).  We adore this little vintage luggage tag all way from Czechoslovakia—the printing technique, the drawing, but especially…


how striking

Image via Etsy How great are these tiny landscapes hand-illustrated on vintage matchbooks? Krista Charles has collected them since she got started by her grandfather, who passed down his collection, and she now has personalized them by penciling her own unique illustrations. Each one depicts a certain spot where the matchbook is from. Check out Krista’s Etsy shop.  These…


handmade type

Tien-Min Liao, a designer from Taiwan and current Pratt Institute student in New York, has literally created a handmade type.  By painting shapes on her hands and arms and using different gestures, she alters each upper case letter into the lower case version. Her typography experiment is a definite success! Be sure to check out…