April 2012


loving soundhound

Have you heard of SoundHound? It’s the fastest way to track down a song you’re listening to or one you’ve heard in the past. In less than 4 seconds, SoundHound starts recognizing music, even unlabeled songs from your iPod playlist. The coolest feature is that you can sing or hum a song and it can…



We spent the weekend wandering the city for fresh vintage finds, this little shop was full of treasures. Be sure to check it out next weekend for the 5th Annual Record Store Day  if you’re in the area. You can even take a break between bands to shop inside the Vintagemobile, which will be conveniently parked outside…


that’s impressive

The name says it all. The latest letterpress set, “That’s Impressive”, from Glassgow Press is exactly that: impressive. Designed by Kerr Vernon, the letterpress postcards feature lyrics from some of the city’s bands. Not only do we love the color combinations (Pink and red is one of our current favorites!), but the packaging has all the right…


texas antique weekend 2012

A handful of our designers wandered down to Round Top last week for the biannual Texas Antique Weekend.  We can always count on a trip to Round Top to inspire us before the next round of designing begins. Here are a few of our favorites from the trip: We were taken by these vintage letters, and…


on film

We’re devoted Instagram users. Its filtered magic is a convenient way to make any photo feel special. Still, we try to remain aware that it’s not a substitute for the original! Traditional photography has a vibrant life all its own, and we’re always on the lookout for artists who are well-versed in the ways of film. We’re particularly charmed by…


spell it out

Did you know that tomorrow is National Scrabble Day? (Tomorrow is also Friday the 13th, but we digress…) April 13th marks the day that Alfred Butts created the famed word game. Who knew it would one day have its own holiday? Being the Scrabble lovers that we are, we’re celebrating by giving ourselves an upgrade….


april flowers

Image via Stephanie Hicks We often catch ourselves daydreaming about all the cool events happening in other places year-round, but there seems to be a flurry of them in the spring.  We love music festivals, antique shows, or anything that gets us outdoors and looking at something awesome.  Today we were wander-lusting about all the…


well traveled

We have a holiday to Mexico coming up—Olé! We can’t wait to enjoy the beautiful weather, go kayaking, and do a little local shopping for wonderful gifts to bring back home. Looking to get inspired for packing, we put together a wish list of some items we love and a few we had to have for our…


state birds

We discovered these prints by Kelsey Oseid via Design*Sponge and can’t get enough! Each state outline is filled with illustrations of the official state bird’s feathers and printed on a range of colored paper. Her etsy shop, Kelzuki, includes all 50 states so if you are looking for your home state or a really fun way to learn all the state…


berlin boombox

Image via Kickstarter The Berlin Boombox is one of our favorite design projects on Kickstarter right now. Created by Axel Pfaender, this music player is made out of cardboard with a built-in stereo amplifier. We love its black and white graphic design. It’s a playful nod to those giant boomboxes of the ’80s. We hope this…