October 2012


how to build a watch

Did you know that our interchangeable straps are oh-so simple to put on?  Don’t believe us? Check out our video. It’s no surprise we have one in every color.  


pinning it: color blocking

1. Found time to do some thrifting on a recent shopping trip. We were so inspired by the vintage colors of these computer software guides! (Taken with Instagram) 2. Connie always brings it! 3. Just discovered Pantone’s new line of paints- we couldn’t be more pleased! 4. Gorgeous oil painting from Mia Linnman. 5. These Square Color Chip Boxes,…



Lot’s of great picture taking opportunities around the office this week. We snapped a picture of some vintage prints and a sneak peek of our new Lizzy Leather Jacket! Of course, our favorite Instagram  shot was a stack of Halloween cookies- spooky and delicious!  


weekly rewind

With Halloween less than two weeks away, there’s been a plethora of great content around the web. Of course, we couldn’t resist a few random findings as well! Here are several of our favorites from this week: 1.  There may be nothing better than a vintage Halloween mask. 2. This Etsy shop has us wanting…


spotlight on: confetti

  Confetti usually isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you think of fashion, but there’s something so refreshingly simple and charming about it that we can’t get it off our minds. The carefree spirit captured in the photograph above is exactly what our designers had in mind when creating these playful pieces….


our inspiration: tomboy style

May Britt/© Getty When we first read Lizzie Garrett Mettler’s “Tomboy Style: Beyond the Boundries of Fashion” earlier this year, we couldn’t put it down. Not only did we love each specific tomboy chapter, but we were also captivated by Lizzie’s personal style mantra. It resonated with our own boyfriend-inspired sensibility, and we knew we…


fossil finds: game day

1. Vintage Messenger Bag 2. Vintage Plaid Blanket 3.Vintage Basketball Bobble Head 4.Vintage Sports Curio Collection 5. Vintage Leather Soccer Ball 6. Estate Varsity Luggage Tag 7. Metal Lunch Pail 8. Rory Raglan 9. Vintage Megaphone With football in full swing, the World Series only a few weeks away, and basketball around the corner, it’s no wonder we have sports on our…


the story of: georgia watches

We just can’t get enough of the Georgia collection. The oversized face and slim strap strike the perfect balance between form and function. The same is true of our vintage inspiration. Wrist compasses were originally created for hikers, but became an invaluable tool for both infantry and paratroopers during World War II. Constantly on the…



Lots of fun inspirational pictures on our Instagram this week. We’ve been busy concepting for Holiday, so everything we’ve snapped feels festive and wintery! Take for instance, the glittery spread and the group of plaid thermoses.


weekly rewind

  It’s obvious fall is in full swing by looking at our favorite blogs. Decorating ideas and irresistible recipes are just a few things we bookmarked this week. Here are some of our favorites: 1. This Nordic Little studio makes us smile! 2. Spooky decorations are a must this month. 3. Horray! It’s time for pumpkin recipes!…