August 2013



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Weekly Rewind

Hope everyone enjoys the long holiday weekend. Here are the links of the week! 1. How can pom-pom balloons not bring a smile to your face? 2. We’re loving the illustrations of artist Emma Lewis. 3. Doesn’t honey-almond popcorn just sound like something delicious to eat at the start of the fall season? 4. It’s…


D.I.Y. American Flag Cake

SHE’S CRAFTY! Labor Day weekend marks the unofficial end of summer and start of the school year—it’s a patriotic American holiday and a true celebration of all those who work and contribute to society. Leave it to Alana Jones-Mann to take our festive planning for the long weekend up a notch with a fabulous American flag cake. Our…


The Story Of: Sketched Fall Tins

This fall, our graphic designers explored their creativity with the all-classic pencil. As mentioned previously in this post, their writing utensil of choice was the Palomino Blackwing. Inspired by this necessary object, the graphic designers spent time developing their own drawings before coming together to determine what art should be used for the tins. The hand sketches were edited and scanned into the…


Fresh Prints: Fall Floral

When you think “fall,” it brings to mind images of changing leaves, primary colors for back to school, and holidays like Halloween or Thanksgiving. Our textile team was tasked with designing a bold fall floral and they rose to the challenge with an “exploded pansy.” To really make the print feel like fall, the team placed the vibrant flowers against midnight…


Bag Spill: Neely Thomas

Let’s be honest, what’s inside a person’s bag reflects their personality. Call us nosy but we are asking some unsuspecting Fossil people to spill their bags and share the contents with us! First up? Concept Design for Fossil, Neely Thomas. Neely’s bag pre-spill: the Sydney Satchel in Camel.   “This is my favorite bag style of the season. It’s so…


Etsy Artist: The House That Lars Built

As summer fades to fall (the actual start of the fall season is September 22nd) we can’t help but feel like we should have some paper flowers by Etsy shop The House that Lars Built to keep us company in the cooler months ahead. Some sunny daffodils or pastel roses are handmade and freshly picked for “the…



Check out some Instagram shots from around the office this past week. Follow us on @Fossil to keep an eye on what we are up to!


Fossil in Action

If you liked reading our last Fossil fan story, you’ll love today’s. We’re so proud that our timepieces have been through tours of duty (and washing machines, too) and still keep great time! Angela McAfee McAdams writes: “Here’s my watch that is nine years old..I’ve worn it every day since purchasing it at an Army…


Weekly Rewind

Happy Friday! We’re wrapping up the week and sharing our favorite internet finds from the past several days… 1. Inspired by the chic offices of five savvy business women. 2. Create a festive number to decorate your next party—you’ll be surprised how low-stress and unfussy the process is! 3. Yum! We just got a craving…