TBT: Christmas Watches

We see your tacky holiday sweater and raise you two kitschy Christmas watches! When we spotted these 1996 limited edition timepieces featuring traditional holiday scenes in our archive, we couldn’t help but smile. From the moment our first watches launched in 1984, there’s been no better way to count down the days, hours and minutes…


TBT: Retro Future

You don’t need a telescope to see that our newest collection is out-of-this-world amazing. We drew inspiration from rockets, space robots, and other motifs of mid-century futurism to give our giftables a whimsical, wonderful vibe that’s perfect for the holidays. But did you know that our designers have been inspired by retro futurism for over…


car tin hack

In honor of our car tin promotion, we paired up with Southern Methodist University’s Innovation Gym to turn our classic car tins into remote controlled little wonders. Innovation Gym is a university organization based in Dallas that allows students to hone their engineering and creative skills by working on real world design challenges. The coolest part about this hack? Each…


TBT: Fred Fossil

He’s one of Fossil’s most enduring and curious icons, a dashing fellow who has had his likeness reproduced on everything fr­om tins to bobbleheads to night-lights. Inspired by mid-century ad art and brought to life by our first generation of graphic designers, Fred Q. Fossil has stood for our love of vintage American culture ever…


tin 2 win

Only two more weeks to go until voting ends for our #tin2win design contest! As you know, it’s our 30th Anniversary and we’re celebrating by inviting our design-minded fans to create their own iconic watch tins for 2014! Here are the 30 tin designs decided by our judges panel. All of the entries perfectly captured the…


Tinspiration Roundup

As our “Tin It To Win It” competition winds down, we want to thank each and every one of you for taking the time to design some amazing tins. We feel so grateful to have received over 200 applicants! Below are just a few that caught our eye. Browse the rest of the tin designs…


tbt: tin history

It’s time for another Throwback Thursday post, where we introduce you to some of the best picks from our archives in honor of our 30th anniversary. Since we’re currently all about gray matter, we were excited to uncover our tins in monochromatic tones, ranging in years from 1995 to 2012.   Have you heard the…



In honor of Fossil’s 30th anniversary, we’re inviting fans to create their own iconic watch tin for a chance to win $5,000 in our “Tin It To Win It” competition. Inspired by American travel in the 1950s and ’60s, some of our textile and concept designers decided to get in on the fun and design…


Fossil Spring Reading List

This season, we were inspired by all things California cool—think jazz, the Beats, and ’60s Hollywood style. Our designs pay homage to the vibrant imagery and relaxed energy of the post-war era, when a generation of West Coast artists went on the road to the sounds of freewheeling melodies. This season’s reading list will introduce…



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