From our designers to our shipping department, all of us at Fossil do things with a certain style, plus a charitable spirit! Our Returns group created something special to hold their canned foods for our recent drive based on our gingerbread house tin packaging. Their department raised 1,392 cans for the hungry this season! We’re sending them an extra dose of holiday cheer, plus a reserved spot on the “nice” list.



Gustavo Garcia and Maria Valencia strike a pose with their winning creation.


Q. Tell us about the team who created this.

A. The web/outbound team in returns created the house. (Ana Juarez, Maria Valencia, Gustavo Garcia, Marylou Conejo)


Q. What inspired you to build the house?

A. A healthy competition between departments and helping the needy inspired the team to build this house. Every year we send our cans on a plain box and this year we wanted to take it to a different level.


Q. What materials did you use?

A. We used cardboard, dunage paper, tissue paper, construction paper and pretty much anything we could find in our department.


Q. How many canned goods will this house hold?

A. We can fit close to 500 cans of food in the house.

12.21_house1 12.21_house