Behind The Scenes


better to give art

Here at Fossil we think it’s “Better to Give,” and Dallas, Texas-based artists Brad Oldham and Christy Coltrin agree. The creative duo dropped their dogs off at our office this week—literally—with a series of giant metal pups that are currently brightening our lobby. The best part? We don’t have to walk them! Find out more about…


TBT: Heart Watch

In honor of Valentine’s Day and Throwback Thursday, we’ve pulled a watch from the archives that makes our hearts skip a beat. This two-tone watch from our 1999 F2 line features gold hearts offset by silver links, and we think the dainty size and classic Roman numeral dial make it even more romantic. It’s not…


TBT: Mini Watch

There’s nothing more charming than wonderful things in miniature sizes. We were reminded of this when a recent archives dig turned up across a curiously small watch from our 1988 Fossil Pebble line. We love the etched bezel, the bright gold finish and the delicate tri-cord leather strap. But the best part, of course, is…


Story of Bicycle Print

There’s nothing that says spring like a long bike ride—the warm sun on your face, blooming scenery all around, the air is fresh and the feeling is pure bliss. This experience is what inspired our graphic designers to sketch bicycle wheels as they began the process of creating art for this colorful season. It wasn’t…


Story of Zebra Stripe

  Born out of the imagination of our textile design team, Fossil prints convey a consistently unique spirit. In spring, they were inspired by the always dynamic and beautifully graphic zebra stripe! This natural pattern is a classic, so our designers wanted to illustrate it in a way that felt modern and fresh. Starting with…


Alter Ego: Alex Anderes

Alex has been with Fossil on our People Improvement team for over nine years, truly soaking in the rich, vintage-inspired culture of the company. By day, he leads the events team, managing, planning and executing employee events—allowing him to work with our Fossil people all over the world. By night, Alex respectfully restores and reinvents mid-century…

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Insta Resolution

Are you staying motivated? We’ve been keeping the resolutions rolling all week long on Instagram. From crafting a handwritten note to doing what you love, simple actions can help us focus on each day with passion and creativity. Stay on top of your New Year’s goals with these inspired ideas.    


Merry Christmas


TBT: Christmas Watches

We see your tacky holiday sweater and raise you two kitschy Christmas watches! When we spotted these 1996 limited edition timepieces featuring traditional holiday scenes in our archive, we couldn’t help but smile. From the moment our first watches launched in 1984, there’s been no better way to count down the days, hours and minutes…


Men’s Watch Inspiration

We have a plethora of creativity here at the Fossil HQ! As we begin each season, our designers take time away from their computer screens to dream, use their hands, and play with materials. Our men’s watch designers, Ryan and Revere, gave us some insight into the process and philosophy behind the holiday collection. Check…