DIY Projects


DIY: Valentines Day Banner

DIY bloggers Manda and Caitlin prove that decorations for Valentines Day can be love(ly), without being over-the-top girly. This “love you” banner is not only easy to do, but can stay up year ’round!  The other great thing about this is that it’s so easy to customize!  (Use it for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, etc.) Check out…


Happy Thanksgiving!

From all of us to all of you—Happy Thanksgiving!   We’ve teamed up with Victoria Hudgins from A Subtle Revelry to bring you this good as gold Thanksgiving DIY. Just a little something to keep you busy after the turkey is over.  


DIY: Father’s Day Tee

SHE’S CRAFTY! Our DIY blogger Alana Jones-Mann loves her dad, and has a clever suggestion for a one-of-a-kind project that will honor your own top pop. Find out how to make this cool tee below! Since there are already plenty of ideas out there for things to make for your Dad on Father’s Day, I wanted…


DIY: Terrariums

SHE’S CRAFTY! According to our DIY blogger Alana Jones-Mann terrariums are having a “moment.” Find out how to make your own just in time for Earth Day with the easy steps below: There is definitely a terrarium craze happening at the moment – and while some terrariums may look complex at first sight, the process…


DIY: Paper Flower Crown

SHE’S CRAFTY! Inspired by the beautiful blooms of spring, our DIY blogger Alana Jones-Mann teaches how to make a paper flower crown fit for a queen. Follow her easy instructions and learn how to make your own! With spring around the corner, these paper flower crowns are filled with fresh vibes. Paper flowers have so…


DIY: Pistachio Mint Pie

SHE’S CRAFTY! Our Fossil Memoir Anthology tote inspired Alana Jones-Mann’s latest delicious dessert. Find out how to make this sweet treat below.. It’s perfect to serve on St. Patrick’s Day!     I loved the color of the Memoir Anthology tote so much, I was inspired to whip up a dessert that captured its beautiful…


diy: studded collar

SHE’S CRAFTY! Studs can take a basic blouse and turn it into something altogether eye-catching! Find out how Alana Jones-Mann DIY-ed the collar of her favoirite Fossil shirt and follow her easy instructions to create your own.   Materials Needed: · Collared Shirt · Metal Studs · Optional: Self-healing mat board (as a working surface), metal spoon Step #1: Pick…


diy: valentine’s day paper heart garland

SHE’S CRAFTY! Isn’t it romantic? Our DIY blogger Alana Jones-Mann has created a darling garland that will make any Valentine’s Day fan’s heart beat faster. It’s sew easy to make and give as a gift to your loved ones or besties! Upfront: The sewn aspect to this garland is not as tricky as it looks….


diy: camera piñata

SHE’S CRAFTY! Inspired by our adorable Fossil camera charm, Alana Jones-Mann has created a festive piñata that you can make at home. Use it as the centerpiece of your next celebration, or give it as a gift to a shutterbug friend! What’s great about this DIY is that if you have another object in mind as inspiration,…


DIY: Photo Transfer on Wood

  SHE’S CRAFTY! Whether it’s traveling more or worrying less, we’re entering 2014 with a DIY to fuel your New Year’s resolution. What better way to inspire yourself to succeed than creating a piece of art to capture your favorite 2013 moment? Our DIY blogger Alana Jones-Mann shows you how to make a daily reminder…