Strike a blue note with these fun Etsy journals from Ordinary Artists. These handmade journals are the perfect way to log your adventures #OnTheOpenRoad. Whether you’re traveling to the Pacific or anywhere the highway takes you, these journals are a great way to jot down all your summer endeavors. So hit the road with these packable journals, and make your adventures as…


etsy spotlight: unitedthread art

As spring is in full swing, we’re ready to spruce up our living spaces with new art, and the Etsy shop UnitedThread has just the right art for the look we want. Whether it’s a watercolor of stacked whales (we have a soft spot for marine mammals) or exotic animals gathered around a watering hole, UnitedThread’s attention to detail and mix of colors and neutrals has us swooning. Before…


Etsy Spotlight: Joe Brewton Map Art

Excited to show off your travel destinations, but don’t want to settle for the traditional pins-in-a-map display? We’ve recently discovered New Orleans based Etsy artist Joe Brewton and his typography-filled map art. After the devastation of his beloved New Orleans with Hurricane Katrina, he was inspired to depict the still-standing edifices through printmaking. He incorporated his india-ink technique into…


Etsy Artist: The House That Lars Built

As summer fades to fall (the actual start of the fall season is September 22nd) we can’t help but feel like we should have some paper flowers by Etsy shop The House that Lars Built to keep us company in the cooler months ahead. Some sunny daffodils or pastel roses are handmade and freshly picked for “the…


Etsy Artist: Amanda Catherine Designs

Is it obvious we are on a pencil kick? First we talk about our passion for Blackwing Palomino pencils and now these…we can’t help ourselves. Fall is all about making your mark and we love the pop of personalization provided by the pencils from Amanda Catherine and her Etsy shop. A timeless writing tool becomes…


Etsy Artist: Rosemary Paper Co.

There is beauty in the simple and uncomplicated. Etsy shop Rosemary Paper Co. sells prints featuring humble line drawings and unassuming handwriting. Black and white—nothing fancy and definitely not perfect—the pieces make you look twice because visually, they whisper rather than shout. We’re especially loving the hand-stamped silverware. How fun would it be to stamp…


Etsy Artist: Scott Bailey

What made us gravitate toward Scott Bailey’s Etsy shop? He only sells one item. A simple but well-made and perfectly functioning  folding chair that is made in the US of A. The design for this camp chair was based on patterns that originated at the time of the Civil War, resulting in a timeless aesthetic we can’t help but appreciate. Quality…


Etsy Artist:

Only on Etsy can you find an artist that creates wearable planters. Colleen Jordan felt that plants shouldn’t just stay at home, so she designed small vessels for her Etsy shop Wearable Planter that could be filled with plants and worn as necklaces, pins on your lapel or bag, and even attached to your bicycle….


Etsy Artist: Walnut Studiolo

It’s summertime–the season that begs for outdoor activities and adventures. What better way to kill two birds with one stone than by doing some bike riding? But before you take off on your two wheels, might we suggest taking a look at the Etsy shop WalnutStudiolo—a destination for handmade, bespoke leather accessories made specifically for…


Etsy Artist: Catwalk Paper Works

There’s a definite art to collage making and we are mesmerized by the work of Felicia Piacentino and the pieces in her Etsy Shop Catwalk Paper Works. Each collage is different—a combination of various images taken from different sources, cut and arranged in ways that tell a personalized story. We appreciate the vintage images, authentic quality,…