Fossil Finds


here’s to fossil finds

Our passion for vintage goes back to the beginning of our brand. Since 1984, we have collected and sourced vintage pieces from all parts of the globe. Some of the collectibles are used as props in our store, while others become inspiration for product designs. In 2010, after years of happy hoarding, we decided to…


Fossil Finds: Color Crush

We’ve infused our latest Fossil Finds collection with color!  The items are each unique in their own vintage right, but when grouped in a cool to warm color scale that mimics our spring color pallet, they really come to life.  Are you crushing on color as much as we are?  Shop the collection and don’t…


fossil finds: Seasonal Favorites

Even with the holidays officially behind us, we are still enjoying the chill of this winter season and the cold, snowy atmosphere that comes with it.  Vintage ski gear, cozy blankets, frosty-looking baubles, and whimsical wilderness animals are just the thing you need to keep you company till spring arrives!  Check out the above finds…


fossil finds: game day

1. Vintage Messenger Bag 2. Vintage Plaid Blanket 3.Vintage Basketball Bobble Head 4.Vintage Sports Curio Collection 5. Vintage Leather Soccer Ball 6. Estate Varsity Luggage Tag 7. Metal Lunch Pail 8. Rory Raglan 9. Vintage Megaphone With football in full swing, the World Series only a few weeks away, and basketball around the corner, it’s no wonder we have sports on our…


fossil finds: three potato four

We’ve asked Janet Morales and Stu Eli, owners of the ever-inspiring vintage shop Three Potato Four, to curate a special collection of Fossil Finds.  From vintage team photos and sporting equipment to felt banners and loving cup trophies, the collection reflects their love of 20th-century collegiate ephemera and varsity Americana.  Janet and Stu agreed to let…


fossil finds: color inspiration

 Vintage Climate Map We were immediately taken by  this 1978 Phillips Series World Relations Climate map when we discovered it on our last trip to Round Top Texas Antique Weekend. Five months later, we are still oohing and aahing over the beautiful yellows, blues, and oranges that illustrate the world’s climate and ocean currents so vividly. 1….


fossil finds: bow ties

1. Vintage Plaid Bow Tie 2. Vintage Striped Bow Tie 3. Vintage Plaid Bow Tie 4. Vintage Plaid Bow Tie  5. Vintage Paisley Bow Tie  6. Vintage Plaid Bow Tie  7. Vintage Plaid Bow Tie  8. Vintage Plaid Bow Tie No wardrobe is complete without a classic, vintage-inspired bow tie. Whether plaid, striped, paisley, or dotted, bow ties are…


fossil finds

Image via Fossil Finds Not too long ago, we may have mentioned our particular fondness for all things vintage science (think microscope kits, beakers, and specimen charts).  So when we stumbled upon this vintage molecular model at a flea market, we knew we had a find on our hands. The bold colors and atomic design of the wood…


fossil finds

 Clockwise from top left: Vintage World Climate Map, Vintage Microscope and Case, Vintage Science Books, Vintage Molecular Model Though summer hasn’t quite reached its end, we’ve already got fall on our minds.  This season, we’re feeling particularly fond of all things science—vintage science, that is. We’re not saying chemistry is our favorite subject, or that…


fossil finds: ed tonderys

We’ve teamed up with vintage guru Ed Tonderys of Boston to curate a unique group of Fossil Finds that hearkens back to his New England heritage.  Ed agreed to sit down with us and answer a few burning questions about himself.  Read on to learn more about how he got his start as a collector…