October Playlist

New month new music! Check out our playlist for October on Spotify. So many of our favorite artists released new tracks this month, we just had to feature a selection of fresh picks. We hope you’ll feel as inspired as we did while you listen along.


Fossil August Playlist

Get ready for your week with our latest curated set of upbeat tracks! Perfect for a morning jog or spontaneous road trip, these songs will keep you moving along all through August.


Fossil July Playlist

Unwind with our latest mix of fresh music on Spotify—it’s chock-full of brand new tunes from some of our favorite artists. Need some healthy headphone time? Just want to get lost in the beat? This is your moment.  


Fossil June Playlist

Turn up the summer volume with our latest laid-back playlist on Spotify. Whether June finds you daydreaming of a poolside adventure or packing for your next getaway, these breath-of-fresh-air tunes will surely bring out the sunshine.        


Fossil May Playlist

Looking for some musical inspiration? Get into the sunny groove with our newest set of tunes on Spotify. Whether you’re hitting the open road or just dreaming of getting away, these songs will set the perfect travel-ready tone.  


Fossil April Playlist

Listen along to our latest melodic collection on Spotify. As April gives way to long days and balmy nights, you’ll need a fresh set of tunes to match your spring mood. Including multiple new releases from some of our favorite artists, this playlist is chock-full of musical inspiration.


Fossil March Playlist

Clear your head for a fresh new season with our latest spring playlist on Spotify. This collection of re-energizing tunes is both calming and upbeat; the perfect companion for a study session or office pick me up.


Fossil February Playlist

Well, it’s February, that wintry month of hearts and flowers. Take a moment today to crank up our eclectic collection of toe-tapping favorites on Spotify! Whether you’re in the mood for love —or just the opposite—this mix has you covered.

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Fossil NYE Playlist

Ring in the new year with our latest favorites from 2013 on Spotify. This fresh mix is sure to keep the party going until midnight, and into New Year’s Day! Image    


December Playlist

December is here! Take a moment to cozy up and get into the holiday spirit with some of our favorite wintry melodies on Spotify…