Fossil May Playlist

Looking for some musical inspiration? Get into the sunny groove with our newest set of tunes on Spotify. Whether you’re hitting the open road or just dreaming of getting away, these songs will set the perfect travel-ready tone.  


Weekly Rewind

Happy Friday! Check out some of our favorite finds from around the web this first week of May.   1. Make your bets and cool off with some mint juleps for the Kentucky Derby. 2. Take a mini vacation from the world with this calming website. 3. Celebrate with some letter churros for the Cinco de Mayo. 4. Say What? Foreign words…


pinning it: for men

Check out our Made for Men board on Pinterest where we are finding inspiration from the race track. 1. Our sport-inspired Qualifier draws from racing elements with ready-for-action design. 2. Go speed racer! Lami Chairs with vintage-inspired racing stripes. 3. A vintage sports car racing program from the 1950′s. 4. Little red hot rod making its way down the Bonneville Salt Flats in 1954. 5. Classic shot…


weekly rewind

  1. Try making this festive and tasty Easter meringue treat! 2. These inspiring home entryways are great ways to express personality and style. 3. Merge old school and new school with a vintage-inspired speaker system. 4. Never stress about your wet teabags again! Check out this creative new teacup design. 5. A New-York based…


Weekly Rewind

Links we loved from this week! TGIF and happy weekend.   1. A playful collection of iconic modern art as architecture. 2. Get cheesy with the art of cheese. 3. This magnetic wallpaper might just blow your mind. 4. Whaling is the New Harlem Shake. 5. Free your counters with this Pluk suspended storage sphere. 6….


Fossil April Playlist

Listen along to our latest melodic collection on Spotify. As April gives way to long days and balmy nights, you’ll need a fresh set of tunes to match your spring mood. Including multiple new releases from some of our favorite artists, this playlist is chock-full of musical inspiration.


Etsy Spotlight: Joe Brewton Map Art

Excited to show off your travel destinations, but don’t want to settle for the traditional pins-in-a-map display? We’ve recently discovered New Orleans based Etsy artist Joe Brewton and his typography-filled map art. After the devastation of his beloved New Orleans with Hurricane Katrina, he was inspired to depict the still-standing edifices through printmaking. He incorporated his india-ink technique into…

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Check out some Instagram shots from around the office this past week. Follow us on @Fossil to keep an eye on what we are up to!  


Weekly Rewind

  Here are some of our favorite links from around the web this week. Happy weekend!   1. This food cartography gives new meaning to regional cuisine. 2. This yolk-eating fish friend will greatly simplify baking! 3. Some famous landmarks put into perspective within their surrounding areas. 4. Project images from your phone onto your…


Weekly Rewind

  Happy Friday! Here are some links we loved this week. 1. Need something green? Here’s a St. Patrick’s Day Shirt DIY. 2. It’s beautiful, it’s modern, it’s cool staircases. 3. Spring is in the air! Tulip fields from around the world. 4. The 8 New Apps You Should Know. 5. Take a flight with a pelican. 6. Customize your space…