loving soundhound

Have you heard of SoundHound? It’s the fastest way to track down a song you’re listening to or one you’ve heard in the past. In less than 4 seconds, SoundHound starts recognizing music, even unlabeled songs from your iPod playlist. The coolest feature is that you can sing or hum a song and it can…


that’s impressive

The name says it all. The latest letterpress set, “That’s Impressive”, from Glassgow Press is exactly that: impressive. Designed by Kerr Vernon, the letterpress postcards feature lyrics from some of the city’s bands. Not only do we love the color combinations (Pink and red is one of our current favorites!), but the packaging has all the right…


spell it out

Did you know that tomorrow is National Scrabble Day? (Tomorrow is also Friday the 13th, but we digress…) April 13th marks the day that Alfred Butts created the famed word game. Who knew it would one day have its own holiday? Being the Scrabble lovers that we are, we’re celebrating by giving ourselves an upgrade….


april flowers

Image via Stephanie Hicks We often catch ourselves daydreaming about all the cool events happening in other places year-round, but there seems to be a flurry of them in the spring.  We love music festivals, antique shows, or anything that gets us outdoors and looking at something awesome.  Today we were wander-lusting about all the…


easter sweet tooth

We all know one of the best parts of the Easter bunny coming to town is all the treats that he brings with him. Between the cupcakes and all of the iced cookies, we’ve got a serious Easter sweet tooth. Maybe it’s the pastel colors, but even regular old candy seems to taste better! We…


painted pastels

A soft pastel palette always seems to be a nice complement to Easter time. Rebecca Newport, a stylist with a textile background, uses her skilled eye to create these beautiful still-life photos in muted hues.  We think there may still be time to paint all our silverware in candy colors and spray-paint doily placements for…


the joy of books

One of our favorite ways to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon is with a good read. And while we can’t imagine life without our iPads, Kindles, etc., there’s just something so special about an actual book (What can we say? We’re vintage lovers at heart.) We’re glad to see that artist Sean Ohlenkamp and his…


she can leap tall buildings

We recently stumbled upon this creative series from California-based photographer Heidi Lender. Once fashion reporter and yoga instructor, her work “She Can Leap Tall Buildings” celebrates the juggling act women tend to play in their daily lives. A nod to her mother and her own mountain of responsibilities, each composition captures a unique illustration of…


grab a spoon

Image via Jeni’s Ice Creams As the temperatures begin to change (hooray for spring!), so do our tastebuds. We begin craving all of the cool, icy treats that come along with the spring/summer season—popsicles, snowcones, and most of all, ice cream. Although we love ice cream year-round, it just seems to taste the best right…


paper cave

Hundreds of cones were installed by designer Wendy Plomp of WND and Edhv to create this colorful cave of paper stalagmites and stalactites. This surreal installation was up during Milan fashion week last year. The simple shapes that create this paper cave become unique through their repetition and thoughtful use of color. We are now wondering…