Summer Playlist

We’re already daydreaming about summer. Sun-filled afternoons and balmy evenings under the stars– the chance to slow down (or dance it out) if just for a moment. Put that feeling on repeat with our newest playlist on Spotify. Press play and listen curiously, you might just discover something new.


Introducing Ani and Cyril

Continuing on the quest to find our curious kin, we got to know Ani Tzenkova and Cyril Foiret, the trendsetting duo behind Trendland.com. On a daily basis they deliver utterly inspiring photography, art, culture and music. Together they’re top talents that pique our curiosity and keep us inspired! Ani pops the Preston Small Flap in Sapphire against her…


Must Have: Backpack

Beyond convenience and that whole even-distribution-of weight thing, the re-imagined backpack is having a stylistic moment. Ideal for traveling, commuting—or simply a day at the beach—these backpacks all have one thing in common: feminine and functional. Our back-in-the-news packs come in a variety of styles and colors, with plenty of functionality. So embrace the ’90s inspired…


story of P-51

A trip to the Cavanaugh Flight Museum got us dreaming about the rich history of aviation. The result? A collaboration on a truly unique timepiece inspired by the P-51 Mustang. The Cavanaugh is all about preserving American aviation heritage by actually restoring aircraft and collecting vintage aircraft, and our watch team couldn’t help but be inspired when they…


must have: drawstring bag

The Vickery Drawstring is our answer for wanting a casual, convertible bag this season. We’re going to be honest here- it took us awhile to land on a drawstring silhouette we loved. After many pencil to paper sessions, our designers came up with this Vickery version. The result: applause all around! This bag has it…


Alter Ego: Pam Dowdy

As the Senior Designer for the Fossil art team, Pam Dowdy spends her days creating illustrations and graphic designs for handbags, accessories, packaging and more. Being the creative engine she is, Pam’s day is anything but done when she leaves for the night. She also co-owns and operates Dowdy Studio with her “super amazing” artist husband,…


Behind the Scenes: Spring Shoot

Our creative teams approached this spring with fresh eyes and a bold curiosity. We traveled to the beautiful Palm Springs—where temperatures are warm and colors are bright—to showcase some of our favorite products. Cacti and blue skies served as the perfect spring inspiration and shoot destination. So check out some of our behind-the-scenes footage from…


Meet Tailor

Expertly designed with an eye-catching spirographic dial and polished seven-link bracelet, our new (wear-wth-absolutely-anything) Tailor watch features a minimalist design amped up to the max. The beauty is in the details with our most noteworthy multifunction for spring. Check out our entire collection of Tailor.


Men’s Watch Inspiration

We have a plethora of creativity here at the Fossil HQ! As we begin each season, our designers take time away from their computer screens to dream, use their hands, and play with materials. Our men’s watch designers, Ryan and Revere, gave us some insight into the process and philosophy behind the holiday collection. Check…


Studio Day

At Fossil, we love our studio days because it’s the perfect time to let our creativity flow! In preparation for each season, our textile team takes the time to render prints by hand, setting the tone for their design process. For fall they were inspired by the play of dots and checks, working in a…