here’s to fossil finds

Our passion for vintage goes back to the beginning of our brand. Since 1984, we have collected and sourced vintage pieces from all parts of the globe. Some of the collectibles are used as props in our store, while others become inspiration for product designs. In 2010, after years of happy hoarding, we decided to…


The Story Of: Graphic Fall Tins

We’ve told you the behind-the-scenes story of how our sketched fall tins came to be here, and today we are sharing the inspiration behind the other set of fall tins. Unlike the quad featuring hand-drawn artwork, the four tins you see here were designed by our talented graphic team to be clean-lined and bold. The inspiration for the…


The Story Of: Sketched Fall Tins

This fall, our graphic designers explored their creativity with the all-classic pencil. As mentioned previously in this post, their writing utensil of choice was the Palomino Blackwing. Inspired by this necessary object, the graphic designers spent time developing their own drawings before coming together to determine what art should be used for the tins. The hand sketches were edited and scanned into the…


The Story Of… Memoir Collection

We’re excited to formally introduce Memoir! A noteworthy new collection with a timeless, literary appeal, the Memoir Collection bags tell stylish stories with silhouettes inspired by your bookshelf’s best.   The Biography Bag. A bold top-handled satchel pairs a structured shape with simply darling details. The largest bag in the collection, the shape and size is…


The Story of… The Emerson Collection

We’re excited to introduce a new men’s bag collection: The Emerson.  The whole collection took inspiration from the Golden Age of travel – the 50′s and 60′s – parts of each bag were influenced by military aviation bags.  Rugged details and a casual sense of cool make the Emerson bags essential for a summer adventure!…


The Story Of… Men’s Sport Influence

Go team!  Our men’s design teams were inspired and influenced by vintage sport equipment and memorabilia for various styles of the summer collection.  We hope you enjoy learning more about how the athletic touches were implemented and the meanings behind them!  Be sure to shop our men’s “Sporting Life” boutique here. Our vibrant essentials were…


The Story Of: the Austin Convertible Clutch

Remember when the fabulous blogger Joy of Oh Joy! styled some of Fossil’s spring handbags?  It’s hard to forget such perfect pairings and happy outfits!  We especially love the way she wore our Austin Convertible Clutch in Flamingo Pink (seen in the first and third images above). The Convertible Clutch is truly an on-the-go piece….


The Story Of: Resin Bracelets

As you’re shopping our jewelry collection both in-store and online, you might notice that we used a range of materials: various metals, leather, and beads as well as colorful accents of resin (or acetate) and enamel.  To the untrained eye, it’s hard to discern the difference between resin and enamel. We thought we’d give you…


The Story of: Women’s Spring Tins

Did you know that each season our graphic design team introduces new watch tins to correlate with the design message for both the men’s and women’s collections?  For this spring, the designers that worked on the tins for the women’s watches were inspired by all the polka-dots found on everything from clothing and handbags to…


The Story Of: Marlow

Recently, our Maddox handbag collection underwent a bit of a re-design – nothing major, just updated “improvements” to an already much loved collection – and we sat with our women’s leather design team to learn more about the “the story of” Marlow… Q: What was the inspiration for this re-design? A: The inspiration for the…