SHE’S CRAFTY! Inspired by our adorable Fossil camera charm, Alana Jones-Mann has created a festive piñata that you can make at home. Use it as the centerpiece of your next celebration, or give it as a gift to a shutterbug friend! What’s great about this DIY is that if you have another object in mind as inspiration, you can create any type of piñata, just by following the same process included below.




  • Corrugated Cardboard
  • Box Cutter or Knife
  • Packaging Tube (approximately 3” diameter)
  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue
  • Tinfoil
  • Tape
  • Black Tissue Paper
  • Mod Podge
  • Small piece of wax paper
  • Thin wire






 Step #1: Create one long piece of cardboard (approximately 40” in length x 8” wide). Since your piece of cardboard will most likely not be this long, use tape to secure two pieces together. Tape your cardboard piece closed to create the rounded shape of the camera body.


Step #2: Take a packaging tube and cut off a piece that will be long enough to be the lens of your camera. Since I wanted mine to be a bit thicker I wrapped it in a layer of cardboard and applied tape to keep the cyclindrical shape. Once you have your lens, cut out a hole in the body of your camera equal to that of the lens.


Step #3: Trace the bottom of the camera body onto cardboard to create a top and bottom piece. Once you have these two pieces cut you should have: 1 camera body piece, 1 rounded tube for the lens, 1 top piece, and 1 bottom piece.


Step #4: Wrap your rounded tube in tinfoil, using a bit of hot glue to secure the tinfoil to the tube.  Then, add glue onto one side of the tube and stick that end into the camera body piece.  Add hot glue around the hole to close and keep your lens secure in the camera. While you have your hot glue out, tape your top and bottom pieces onto the camera, and add hot glue around the edges to reinforce them closed.


Step #5: Using a mixture of mod podge and water, create a glue-like solution.  Tear off long pieces of black tissue paper, dip them into the glue, and add to the camera body until the entire surface is covered in black tissue. Let the camera dry once finished.

[Note: This will make your piñata nice and sturdy!]


Step #6: Next it’s on to the fringe. Fold 4” wide pieces of the black tissue paper in half.  Using scissors, cut about ½ to ¾ of the way up to create fringe. [Note: Folding multiple pieces of paper at once will save you a lot of time!] Starting at the bottom, tape the top edge of the fringe along your camera and work your way up towards the top of the camera. Once you reach the top, use hot glue to secure the final pieces around the camera.


Step #7: Glue a top layer of tinfoil onto the camera. Cut a small hole into the top of and fill your piñata with goodies, candy, or whatever you please!  [Note: Don’t worry about the hole – we’ll cover it in Step #9]


Step #8: Using tinfoil, glue a thin piece around the top and bottom edge of the camera, to make it just a bit more realistic.


Step #9: And now, add on the details! Use tinfoil to shape balls or ring shapes for the details. As you can see, I used hot glue to add on a circular piece and an oval shape to create the shutter (which covered the hole for the candy). I also added a ring around the lens, which was just a ring shape piece of cardboard covered in tinfoil. For the viewfinder, I took a rectangular piece of cardboard, covered it in tinfoil, and glued it to the top of the camera.  Once the glue dried, I added a small piece of wax paper to complete the look.


Step #10: Lastly, use a knife to poke 2 small holes into the top corner of your piñata (one on the top and one on the side) and then string a piece of wire through the holes, twisting the ends to close. When you’re ready to hang the piñata, you can just loop some string through this wire loop and it’s ready to go!