We’ll be the first to admit that the holidays make us a little bit garland obsessed around here. This version stands out from the crowd because it works year-round. Our creative director, Casey, was inspired by the chocolate gem DIYs out there, but wanted something a little more permanent.


Art Plaster

Silicone Gem Mold

Picture Hanging Wire 

Craft Paint

Baker’s Twine



1:  Mix the plaster according the package, then pour into the mold. Mine took about 30 minutes to full set-up.


2. Remove plaster gems from the mold (they just pop right out) then make additional batches as need. I let mine fully dry overnight before moving onto the next step.


3. Drill a hole through each gem. I used the tiniest drill bit I had, and ended up going in from each end to meet in the middle so the sides of the gems stayed nice and neat.


4. Thread your picture wire through each gem and twist it to make a little hanger at the top. String a long piece of wire between to objects to make a drying line. I just used two heavy baskets and strung the wire between them. I also put a piece of tin foil to cover my countertop, because the next step can get messy!


5. Dip each gem into a small cup of paint and hang to dry overnight.


6. Remove the wires, then string your baker’s twine through each gem. I knotted the string on either side of the gems to hold them in place.


7. Hang it between two nails then step back and enjoy!