Today we’ve got a fun project that takes the mystery out of creating your own printed tee. Our talented Art Director Dustin made this video for us showing just how easy it can be:





Linoleum block(s)

Linoleum cutting tools

Fabric screenprinters ink

Brayer roller

Blank t-shirt


Hair dryer


A big smile



1. Decide what image you want to print. Size the image to fit properly on the t-shirt.

2. Transfer image onto the linoleum block. This can be done by rubbing the back of the paper with a pencil, then tracing over the image on the front side of the paper. Be sure to flip the image prior to this step, so when it prints on the shirt, it’s the correct orientation.

3. Cut out graphic with linoleum cutting tools. Be sure to cut away from your body. Watch your fingers, the cutting tools can slip. Warming up the linoleum first with a warm iron can help soften the surface and make carving easier.

4. Roll out ink with Brayer roller onto a smooth clean surface. Roll until the ink is an even orange peel texture. Make sure the ink goes onto the linoleum surface.

5. Flip linoleum block over onto tee shirt and apply even pressure. Remove block slowly as to not smudge or mess up the print. You can slide a piece of flat cardboard in between the two layers of the shirt. This will keep the ink from soaking through to the back and will give a good cushion so the ink transfers onto the fabric better.

6. Use the hair dryer to dry the ink. After ink is dry to the touch, use a hot iron to cure the ink. Place a piece of fabric in between the iron and the print so you won’t melt the ink or ruin the iron.

7. You’re finished! This custom, printed tee is perfect for everyday.


Thanks to the band Education for the great soundtrack, and thanks to Dustin for this great project- we can’t wait to get started on our own!