SHE’S CRAFTY! Meet Brooklyn-based DIYer extraordinaire Alana Jones-Mann—our partner this fall for all things do-it-yourself and craft-tastic! We’re excited to be partnering with such a talent to bring you fabulous projects inspired by one of our favorite seasons. Take it away, Alana!


With back-to-school just around the corner, I thought it would be fun to put an elementary school twist of some pie pops—a relatively new treat idea that has been popping up around the Internet. I wanted to keep it classic, and there’s nothing more classic than the popular school-time lunch meal: peanut butter and jelly.  To kick up the nostalgia, I even threw in some bananas into the pb&j mix. Fresh out of the oven, with a cold glass of milk…be prepared to take a total trip down memory lane!





For the Flaky Pie Crust:

- 2 cups all-purpose flour

- ¼ tsp of salt

- ¼ tsp baking powder

- Pinch of granulated sugar

- 1 cup unsalted butter, chilled and cubed

- 2 Tbsp buttermilk


For the Egg Wash:

- 1 egg white

- 1 Tbsp heavy cream

- Granulated sugar (to sprinkle)


For the Filling:

- Jams, Preserves or Pie Filling (I used strawberry jam and fig preserves)

- Peanut Butter

- Optional: Banana, cut into small cubes


Other Materials Needed: Popsicle Sticks





Note: If you’re baking with little ones and are looking for the less timely route or just don’t want to make your own dough, pre-made pie dough will work perfectly in place of homemade dough. If you are using the pre-made pie dough, skip steps #1 – #3.


Step #1: In a bowl, sift the flour, salt, sugar, and baking powder together. fossil1_step1_web

Step #2: Using your fingers, work your cubed butter into the bowl of dry ingredients. A crumble will begin to form. Add your buttermilk and mix until dough is formed.


Step #3: Shape your dough into a ball. Cover in plastic and set in the fridge to chill.


Step #4: Prep your egg wash by whisking together 1 egg white and 1 Tbsp of heavy cream.


Step #5: Once chilled, roll out your dough. Make sure to sprinkle some flour onto your surface before you get rolling! Use a cookie cutter to cut out your mini pies – circular shapes work best, but hearts and rectangular shapes also work well.


Step #6: Place your bottom dough pieces on a baking sheet lined with wax paper. Add your popsicle stick – applying a bit of pressure on the stick into the dough.


Step #7: Add your filling to the center of each dough cutout.


Note: For my fillings, I went with the peanut butter and strawberry jam combo, and added banana to some of them. I also did a few with some fig preserves as well. The best thing about these pie pops is the filling possibilities are endless. Canned pie fillings also work great. Get creative!


Once your filling has been added, align your top piece of dough. Use a fork to seal the dough together. Cut 2-3 small slits on the top of your pies, brush your wash on, sprinkle a little sugar on top, and you’re ready to bake!


Step #8: Bake at 375 degrees for 12 to 15 minutes. Once cooled, they’re ready to serve.  Enjoy!fossil1_post_web fossil1_post2_web(All images were taken by Alana Jones-Mann)