DIY_130307_3If you’re like us, many of you are probably getting a bit sick of wearing your winter clothes… Spring is literally around the corner but we still have a few weeks before temperatures officially start to turn.  To make our warm-winter favorites feel new and exciting again, we decided to embellish the cuffs on one of our favorite sweaters.  It’s an easy D.I.Y. that you can do now and always remove later!

DIY_130307_4 DIY_130307_5

Tools & supplies you’ll need:
- a sweater (we chose our Isabelle Sweater – a classic crew-neck – since it has defined cuffs, but any light-weight sweater or cardigan will do!)
- a needle
- some thread (we chose white, but choose whatever color goes best with your sweater)
- a variety of beads, buttons, and or gems that have holes allowing you to sew them on (most of ours are vintage!)
- some basic pieces of paper

DIY_130307_6What you’ll need to do:
1. Cut your paper to be the same size as the front of your cuffs – you’ll need two of these.
2. Place your buttons and beads on top of the paper to determine how you want them to be arranged and laid out on the cuffs.
3. Once you have the layout for the buttons and beads determined for each cuff, you’re ready to start sewing!
4. Removing beads/buttons one at a time from your paper, sew them to the cuff in the same arrangement – being careful to keep the same spacing and placement thats on the paper.
5. After all pieces on the paper are sewn on both cuffs, go back and fill in any holes/open spaces with your remaining beads and buttons.  You’ll want to make sure both cuffs appear even!
6. Make sure that all the pieces feel secure on the cuffs… You’re ready to wear your re-vamped sweater for the last weeks of cool weather!