After watching stylists prep models at what seems like hundreds of shoots, we’ve noticed that there is a definite art to rolling a perfect sleeve.  Recently, we asked one of our go-to stylists to show us the steps needed to achieve the look… Follow below and try this Style Tip with one of your favorite Fossil shirts!

step 1

Step 1: Start with your sleeves unrolled and unbuttoned.step 2

Step 2: Starting with the right corner, begin rolling your sleeve, about an inch around.  The roll shouldn’t look perfect, but should be snug.step 4

Step 3: Keep on rolling until you are at your elbow.  If one of the corners of the sleeve is not inside the roll, tuck it inside.step 3

Step 4: Use one hand to push rolled sleeve up over the elbow.step 5

Step 5: Make sure corners aren’t poking out.step 6Step 6: Ta-da! You have a perfectly rolled sleeve!  Repeat steps on the other side.  The rolls don’t have to be a perfect match but they should be similar in size and height on your arm.