SHE’S CRAFTY! There’s something exciting about temporary transformations—you get to change the appearance of something, but the integrity and original form is still intact. Alana Jones-Mann found a way to make our Flight watch her own by knotting embroidery string along the band. The completed look is cool and unique, but the best part is that you can do it again and again with different hues or go back to the wearing the band without embellishment! So glad she’s taught us how we can do the same!


I like to keep my watches classic—a beautiful leather strap works well for me. But sometimes I do crave a hint of color on my wrist. So, if you too find yourself in the mood for a pop of color on your watch strap, here’s a DIY that will fulfill your craving. By using embroidery floss and following a standard macramé square knot pattern, I’ve shown how to jazz up your watchstrap in just a few steps. There’s no stitching or embroidery done to the strap itself, so once you’re ready to get back to the original strap, all you need to do is unknot. Embroidery floss is available at craft stores in a wide variety of colors, so the color customization is all up to you. Follow along below for the DIY!



- Embroidery floss (in 2 different colors)

- Watch

- Tape

- Scissors



For this first part, I’ve shown what the strap looks like with single strands of floss added. You’ll see photo steps for double strands of floss below. I’d recommend not going any thicker than 2 double strands of floss, as you’ll need to have your watch fit through the clasp and anything more would be a tight fit!



Step #1: First, select two colors of embroidery floss.

Step #2: Take the ends of your floss and tape them to a flat surface, about 2” apart.  Since the macramé square knot is nearly impossible to explain with just words, check out the diagram above and follow the pattern to begin. Note: In the diagram the grey rectangle serves as your watchstrap.

Step #3 – #4: The first knots are key. If not done correctly, the strands will unravel, so make sure these are tied properly. Use the photos in the directions as your guide.

Step #5: Once you’ve reached the end of the strap, remove the top strands from the tape and flip over the watch.

Step #6: Double knot the top and bottom ends together on the backside of the watchstrap. Using scissors, trim the ends of the floss.  Follow the same steps for the second portion of your strap. When you get to the hole for which you wear your watch, leave a small gap in the floss, so there’s more room to clasp close once you’re ready to wear your new colorful watch (see the double strap photo directions below for clarity).

Now, if you’re looking for a thicker strand, all you need to do is double up your strands and follow the same steps noted above for the single stand.  Use the photo steps below as a reference to make sure you’re on track. Make sure to leave that gap in the floss when you get to the hole you use to wear your watch, as the thicker strands make it a bit hard to move around the floss once it’s all in place.

And when you’re ready to get back to your original watch strap, all you need to do is cut the knots on the backside of the watch and unravel!