SHE’S CRAFTY! The only thing better than pumpkins? Paper mache pumpkins that last longer than the real deal! We love the whimsical creations Alana Jones-Mann came up with for today’s project…we want to make enough to have our own paper pumpkin patch at the Fossil office!


These paper pumpkins are great for anyone antsy to get going on the carving.  Since real pumpkins go bad within a couple weeks, here’s an alternative that will keep your Jack looking real good through Halloween. These paper pumpkins can also be made into plain pumpkins for those simply looking for a nice festive fall touch to add to your home.



- Orange Tissue Paper – cut in 1″ strips

- Mod Podge + Water Mixture (or your own paper-mache mix)

- Latex Balloons

- Vaseline

- Paint Brush

- Rope + Clothespins (to hang the balloons)

- Scissors

- Black, Brown + Green Tissue Paper (to accessorize)

- White Glue

- Battery operated lights




Step #1: Cut orange tissue paper into 1″ strips. Mix equal parts mod podge and water in a jar or bowl. Blow up your balloon(s) to the desired size pumpkin you want, and secure with clothespins to a line or rope.


Step #2: Apply a thin layer of Vaseline around your balloon before you start— this will allow the tissue to detach from the balloon once it’s dry. Once you’re ready, use your paintbrush to moisten one side of an orange tissue paper strip with the mod podge mixture and place the wet side down onto the balloon. Now paint the other side of the tissue with the mix. Continue moving around your balloon until it is covered with the orange tissue paper strips. I recommend at least two layers of tissue.  Make sure to leave 30 minutes of dry-time in between the layers.


Step # 3: Allow the balloons to dry for 24 hours.


Step #4: Puncture the top of the balloon with scissors and allow the balloon to deflate on its own. Once it’s completely deflated, remove it from the pumpkin. Using scissors (or a knife), carve out a jack-o-lantern face. Going through the mouth, apply black tissue to the backs of the eyes with a little glue.. Make leaves and vines using green tissue paper, and roll brown tissue paper for the stem. To light up the pumpkins, cut a small hole in the back and add battery operated lights to make them glow at night.


Happy crafting! Here’s what the pumpkins will look like with the lights on, and with them off!

Fossil12_last1 Fossil12_last2

(All images were taken by Alana Jones-Mann)