We love the look and feel of leather, but when you’re making a project at home, the idea of sewing through the tough material can be daunting. Today, we have a great example of leathercraft that’s simple enough to appeal to newbies but stylish enough for experts to want to give it a shot as well! This easy envelope is made from a single piece of leather and will be custom fit to your laptop.




Scissors (These are great for leather)

Sharpie marker

Large sheets of paper (for your pattern)

tape (for your pattern)




1. Make a pattern. Using large sheets of paper, cut out the following pieces:

  • A & B= trace the top and bottom of your laptop
  • C= keep the height the same as pieces A & B, but multiply the length x 1.5. (So if pieces A & B were 10″, piece C would be 15″)
  • D= the thickness of your laptop
  • E= same as piece D, but make the length match piece C

We know this sounds tricky, but it isn’t. You are just making an envelope the size of your computer; look at a paper envelope and you’ll see the similarity- we promise!


2. Center and tape all the pieces together. Cut section C into triangles with tabs as shown.


3. Now you have a completed pattern, ready to be used.


4. Here’s where all your hard work in pattern drafting pays off. Carefully cut your pattern out of a piece of leather. You can trace it out with a Sharpie on the suede side, but be sure you cut inside the lines so the marker doesn’t show.


5. The completed pouch before assembly. It’s clear sailing from here!


6. Center your laptop on the suede side of the leather and fold the tabs in and the bottom up.


7. Flip the whole thing over. Now your envelope flaps should be sticking out on the sides.


8. Fold the flaps in until they wrap snugly around your laptop.


9. Using a pencil, carefully mark where your tabs are,  then make a small slit with an X-Acto and insert the tabs (be sure to take your laptop out first!).


10. Voila! Here’s the assembled case, ready to be a cozy new home for your laptop. This design could work for any size item (like a tablet), or any non-ravelling material (like felt). Experiment and come up with your own unique creation!