SHE’S CRAFTY! Our Morgan Cocoon Jacket is designed in the pattern of the season—a perfect holiday plaid. DIY blogger Alana Jones-Mann uses this print as the starting off point for an inspired holiday table. Find out how to create yourself and get ready to celebrate!


You can’t go wrong with a great plaid. And I just love the plaid pattern of Fossil’s Morgan Cocoon Jacket this season. In fact, I love it so much I’ve created some printable party décor inspired by the jacket’s fantastic plaid pattern. Below, I’ve provided a downloadable template, as well as a DIY so you too can create the plaid table décor for your holiday table.


• Downloaded printables
• Computer paper (I prefer glossy photo paper)
• Scissors
• Paper straws
• Hot glue gun
• Mason Jars
• Tape
• Kraft Paper
• Hole Punch
• Linen napkins
• Avery® Fabric Transfer Sheets




Download Template Here


Step #1: For the straws, first print out template A. I prefer to use a glossy photo paper for the printing, as it provides more of a pop with the colors, but any computer-sized paper will do. Cut out the flags and using your hot glue gun, glue the flag around the upper half of your paper straw. Note: If you prefer to use plastic straws, make sure to use regular glue so that your straw doesn’t melt!



Step #2: Next, it’s on to the Mason jar. Print out template B onto a sheet of glossy photo paper (or regular computer paper) and cut out one of the rectangular shapes. Wrap it around your jar and add a piece of tape to secure the paper wrapper onto your jar. Next, cut out a decorative piece of kraft paper and glue it on top of the plaid jar wrapper, so that you can personalize it with each dinner guest’s name.


Step #3: Next, take the lid of your Mason jar and using a hole punch (or a drill) punch a hole into the center of your lid.


Step#4: Fill up the Mason jar with your drink of choice and set it onto the table.


Step #5: Now it’s on to the napkins— gather some linen napkins that you don’t mind adding a permanent plaid detail to. Iron your linen napkin first to get it wrinkle-free.
Load one of your Avery® fabric transfer sheets into your printer and print another copy of template B. [Note: When you purchase the Avery® sheets there’s software included which will assist with the setup and printing, if needed.]


Step #6: Find the center of your napkin and place your rectangular plaid transfer face down onto the center of your napkin. Applying pressure with both hands, iron the transfer, making 2 to 3 slow 20 second passes from left to right ,and then top to bottom.


Step #7: After ironing, allow the transfer to cool for 2 minutes. Once cooled, peel the backing off, starting at one corner of the transfer.


Step #8: Refold your napkin, place it onto your plate, and you’re ready to party with your plaid!


Let your plaid shine by using neutral colors for the table linen and the tableware. For my table, I added a small burlap runner with some fresh greenery to achieve the traditional holiday look.