We’ve never been shy about admitting our love for letterpress (as you can see from these previous blog posts). We often find ourselves looking to letterpress – both in vintage and current artisanal forms – for inspiration and Etsy is a great place to discover new-to-us resources!  Our latest favorite shop is 1canoe2 Letterpress…  Their quirky, whimsical designs -many with a nod to history and vintage lifestyle – instantly won us over!

il_fullxfull.366263761_olo7 il_fullxfull.171068155 il_fullxfull.171068157Wishing we had discovered 1canoe2 prior to this weekend… The above drinking glasses with portraits of past president’s and the “Hail the Chief” print (with all 44 presidents) would have been a great way to celebrate this President’s weekend!

il_fullxfull.404835391_8e8i il_570xN.190100266 il_570xN.268378304 il_570xN.357292072_4o8fThere are plenty of prints to choose from in their shop – a line-up of all 50 states, funny portraits, and others – many are printed with multiple colors and all are printed in a big red barn in Mid-Missouri!

il_fullxfull.341985248 il_fullxfull.396784716_1n43We love that they took their illustrative skills and applied them to other odds and ends like coasters, recipe cards and boxes, notebook covers, note pads, and more.

All images via 1canoe2 Letterpress