There’s a definite art to collage making and we are mesmerized by the work of Felicia Piacentino and the pieces in her Etsy Shop Catwalk Paper Works. Each collage is different—a combination of various images taken from different sources, cut and arranged in ways that tell a personalized story. We appreciate the vintage images, authentic quality, and often humorous narratives that take place in many of Felicia’s small scenes. It’s hard to choose a favorite when there are so many compelling choices! Which one is your favorite?

il_fullxfull.326863701 il_fullxfull.411751862_q0sh il_fullxfull.328805010 il_fullxfull.446464794_nwd9 il_fullxfull.399220388_qbm5 il_fullxfull.437503921_hs8o il_fullxfull.244248324 il_fullxfull.212601624(Images via Catwalk Paper Works)