There’s no shortage of talented people that work at Fossil, and we are excited to feature the Alter Ego of Julie Norine! This customer care representative puts her patience and people skills to use in the office and when she’s shooting wedding photography with her husband Matt. We’re in awe of Julie’s talent (evidence below via her gorgeous images), and hope you all like getting to know more about her! Don’t forget to check out Matt & Julie Weddings when you are finished reading so you can see even more of the duo’s work.


Q: What do you do at Fossil and how long have you been here?

A: “I am a Customer Care Representative. I started as a seasonal rep just before Christmas last year. I provide all of our Fossil customers with a radical customer experience, whether it be helping them pick out their new timepiece, or assisting them with warranty and repairs.”


Q: How does your Alter Ego talent align with what you do at your day job? (communicating with people, flexibility)

A: “Fossil provides excellent customer service to our customers. Everything about the Fossil customer care philosophy has taught me how be attentive to the needs of our clients. Communication, follow through, and problem solving are things I have to do all day every day, and they definitely relate to photography which is also a service based industry.”


Q: When did you become interested in photography and how did you launch Matt and Julie Weddings?

A: “My husband Matt introduced me to photography when we first started dating about four years ago. I was going with Matt to all of his weddings as his second shooter. Once we got married we launched our new logo and website and branded ourselves as  a husband and wife photography team, and Matt Norine Photography became Matt and Julie Weddings in 2012.”


Q: What are some milestone moments you’ve had as a professional photographer thus far?

A: “We get really pumped every time our work is featured on a wedding blog. The first time our work was published online was for Style Me Pretty, and I am pretty sure I clicked on that feature10 times that day!  Something unique  we got to experience recently is a volunteer story we photographed for a non-profit organization called Fotolanthropy. We told the story of a dad who was dying of cancer and surprised his daughters with a walk down the aisle of the chapel in our church. It was heart-wrenching, encouraging, and life changing to be a part of. Since then, national media publications have picked up the story. it’s been fun to see everyone’s response to it.”


Q: How do you balance both your Alter Ego persona and your 9 to 5 job?

A: “Thankfully, most  brides also work during the day, too. I meet with brides and respond to emails when I get home from work, and reserve most of my weekends for weddings and portrait sessions.”


Q: What inspires you about photography?

A: “The feelings I get when I relive moments, events and experiences  in my own life through photography. This inspires me when documenting life for others. I  take a photojournalistic approach to my wedding photography, and my goal is for our couples to be able to relive their wedding day when viewing their photographs. Not just for the first time, but five, 10, hopefully, 50 years into their marriage!”

sarahandericengaged_01 (17)

Q: What’s the most challenging part of having a photography business outside of the office?

A: “Finding time to sit and be still. I wear quite a few hats as a wife, employee, photographer and business owner. I am always switching brains and it is a challenge having all of those different roles in their own compartments.” 


Q: Do you have any exciting projects/shoots coming up?

A: “Next year we are already looking forward to two destination weddings. We’re headed to Sedona, Arizona and Rivera Maya, Mexico next year!”


Q: What is your dream of where your photography could go, and what are your plans on the horizon to expand your Alter Ego business?

A: “We hope to work towards more destination weddings. It is so fun to get to go to places we’ve never been together, it refreshes our relationship and also inspires our photography.” 


Q: Are there things you’ve learned from Fossil that have influenced the way you approach your Alter Ego?

A: “Definitely! Fossil has done a great job at creating a global brand that people love and recognize. This helps remind me to keep our product consistent and fresh.” 

Deidratarinandmichael(All images c/o Matt & Julie Weddings)