We’ve teamed up with vintage guru Ed Tonderys of Boston to curate a unique group of Fossil Finds that hearkens back to his New England heritage.  Ed agreed to sit down with us and answer a few burning questions about himself.  Read on to learn more about how he got his start as a collector and purveyor.  When you’re done, head on over to Fossil.com to check out his collection and read more about him!

1. Vintage Canvas Duffle Bag 2.Vintage Belt 3. Vintage Silk Pocket Square 4. Leather Bifold 5. Vintage Woven Satchel 6. Vintage Aviator Sunglasses  7. Plaid Bowtie 8.Vintage Anchor Compass 9. Vintage Check Necktie

Q. How did you get started in vintage? How long have you been in the field?
A. My interests started when I was around 12 or 13 through music and trying to get the look and style of bands that I was into. I got a lot of classic style influence from my family. My uncles talked about clothing a bit and I spent a lot of time looking through the attic and basement of my grandparents’ house, looking at their old clothing and family photos when I would visit. So I’ve been collecting for most of my life but selling for about 15 years.

Q. What surprises you most about being a vintage dealer?
A. That I never ever get sick of it.
Q. What made you decide to start your own business?
A.  After college, I spent a lot of frustrating years at different jobs, trying to find a career that interested me. All the while, I was constantly shopping for vintage [pieces]. It never occurred to me that this could be a career. When I met Bobby, I realized that you can actually make a living doing it—and have a lot fun. That moment totally changed my life.

Q. What’s the most rewarding thing about your work?
A. Meeting people who “get it.” And also, my job feels absolutely nothing like work.
Q. Now that vintage Americana has become so popular, has it changed the way you work?
A. Nope!

Images via Fossil.Life.Style and Fossil.com

Q. What’s your advice for someone starting to collect vintage accessories?
A. Look at as many examples as possible. Choose an era and style that speaks to you and always be looking. Or, buy things that mesmerize you the second your eyes fall on them!