We’re pleased to introduce you to Betsy Jones-Burgmeier, Senior Art Director for Fossil image and one of the creative minds responsible for all the quirky, fun, and vintage-inspired Fossil graphics, packaging and concepts. A go-to resource for all things pertaining to vintage research and historical trends, Betsy is also a tennis fanatic and avid Pinterest addict. We loved getting to know more about her and hope you do, too!



Q: Where are you from? 

A: ”Fort Worth, TX.”


Q: What do you do at Fossil and what makes your job unique?

A: ”I am the Senior Art Director for graphics + packaging and concept for Fossil image. Along with modern, I research and study 1940s –1960s photography, art, architecture, industrial design, packaging and graphic design, etc, etc.”



Decorations created by team members from Betsy’s birthday.


Q: What have you learned in your career?

A: ”There is always more to learn and discover. Focus, edit, be consistent, have a point of view, and be true to the brand.”


Q: How would you describe your personal style?

A: ”Really depends on how I am feeling that day, but usually a mash up something basic and something not. The basic is I have a lot of denim and an addiction to gray sweatshirts. The “something not” could be print mixing, a tartan cape, a Mexican embroidered blouse, etc.”




Q: What inspires you on a daily basis?

A: ”I would say my team. All day, everyday they create inspiring design that translates all over the world for a brand I love.”


Q: Your favorite Fossil item for Fall 2013?

A: ”The weather is getting a little cooler here, so I am ready for a new coat. Digging the Laura Funnel Collar Coat. It has some great lines and details.”



A small collection of vintage items including a camera and a tape dispenser that looks like a camera.


Q: When you’re not at the HQ, where would we find you?

A: ”Watching tennis with the hubz, screaming for the Dallas Stars, or getting lost at the museum.”




Q: Who is your style icon?

A: ”Let’s see, I like a lot of people’s style. I really like the 1959 Gidget, she was cute. She had this whole feminine printed dresses one day and hoodie sweatshirt the next. I would probably mix those two things together.”



The Fall 2013 pencil tin designed by Betsy and her team sits in front of a set of volumes by photographer Koto Bolofo.


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