Image via Flickr

We’ve always got traveling on the brain, and oftentimes the farther the better.  The scenes and colors that we can capture from other countries is truly invaluable (even as the cost of flying is sky-rocketing).  We adore this little vintage luggage tag all way from Czechoslovakia—the printing technique, the drawing, but especially the color palette.

Image via Nazmiyal Collection

This Moroccan rug dates back to the ’50s, with its inspiration rooted in deep sunset hues and natural gradients. Trends really do circle back because we are totally feeling this color combination for summer, anything that brightens our look with a little seasonal touch.

Maddox Organizer Flap

We pulled inspiration from all over and poured them into this one carefully designed bag.  We love the colors, the vintage feel of the leather, and the modern geo-patch.  It’s perfect for a day out around town, or a day out in someone else’s town!