Woven oxford shirts are a no-brainer for most men.  They can be dressed up or down, add pattern to an otherwise plain wardrobe, or make for easy layering.  We think that most of the magic of a good shirt lies not just in the fit, fabric, and feel – but also in the styling… Which is why we’ve got a few tricks up our sleeves (pun intended) to share.



Reinventing your wardrobe begins with your top half…shirting_mens-2

A basic, white oxford and slim tie approach has become universally accepted attire for almost any occasion.  To keep from falling into an “overdressed” category, try dressing the shirt and tie down by adding a crew layer on top.


Denim is usually reserved for the most casual of occasions – but cardigans and crews work wonders in kicking a denim button down shirt up a couple of notches.  Hike up and cuff the sleeves  for added style.


Is pairing color on color a faux pa? Not when you choose two different shades.  This works with any color but looks especially good when you’re wearing denim jeans and add a shirt in a different shade of blue.


Mixing stripes and plaids, if done tastefully, is a sure-fire way to update some of your favorite garments.  Sometimes busy isn’t a bad thing!


When it comes to business casual, denim has all but replaced neutral chinos as the most preferred pant.  Pair a shirt and tie with a darker wash denim for a year-round look that’s both professionally appropriate and effortlessly versatile.



Denim carries a rich, revered history, but modernizing the look is as easy as pairing it with colors that are unmistakably present-day.  Chinos in bold colors like blue and red make perfectly updated counterparts to one of the most timeless fabrics in the world.

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