When most of us think “nautical” images of preppy sailors and whimsical anchors come to mind.  While we appreciate that aesthetic, we wanted to create pieces for our men’s collections this spring that were nautical inspired but not “themed.”

Our tech cases feature sharp-looking color-blocks with colors taken from sailing signal flags… Belts and other hardware feature brass – which is used on boats because it doesn’t corrode – and the use of heavy canvas and leather details are used for their use on boats.  The “Shave the Whales” graphic tee is done is a style influenced by scrimshaw, a carving method practiced by the sailors on whaling ships and typically created with whalebone… Our Vintage Archive Collection has a rustic look and certain clothing pieces have a salt-washed appearance to mimic the wear they would get exposed to the ocean.

We hope you like our “nautical but nice” looks as much as we do – creating pieces with distinct underlying meaning is one of the fundamental ways we make vintage inspiration feel modern.



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