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When we first read Lizzie Garrett Mettler’s “Tomboy Style: Beyond the Boundries of Fashion” earlier this year, we couldn’t put it down. Not only did we love each specific tomboy chapter, but we were also captivated by Lizzie’s personal style mantra. It resonated with our own boyfriend-inspired sensibility, and we knew we had to incorporate some of the same ideas into our fall campaign. Check out some of our favorite “Tomboy Style” pages and the inspired looks we created:

Osa Johnson/© Martin and Osa Johnson Safari Museum

Our inspiration: Classic white top.

A classic white shirt is a staple, and it has been for decades! We decided to modernize it by adding our Lizzy Leather Jacket and colored denim.

Marina Munoz/ © Sebastian Kim

Our inspiration: Menswear-inspired jacket.

A menswear-inspired jacket is one of our favorite pieces for fall. We love that it can be layered with anything—it makes you look instantly put together. We especially love it when it’s paired back to something more feminine, like one of our a tie blouses.