Recently, our Maddox handbag collection underwent a bit of a re-design – nothing major, just updated “improvements” to an already much loved collection – and we sat with our women’s leather design team to learn more about the “the story of” Marlow…


Q: What was the inspiration for this re-design?

A: The inspiration for the re-design was re-examining the DNA of Maddox, our most classic group, and distilling the most important details to create a new, cleaner group.  What we loved about Maddox is re-imagined in Marlow, using our classic leather, tumbled nickel hardware and the key concept of great bags that wear well every day.Screen Shot 2013-02-18 at 9.13.13 AMQ: How has the hardware changed? Logo? Material? 

A: We sized the logo plate down but kept the shape the same in order to clean-up the overall look and really show-off the leather quality and color, we kept the classic roller-bar buckle shape and added a new center-bar buckle shape as well. We kept the leather the same leather due to the fact that it has such a wonderful, authentic grain, supple hand-feel and takes all of our colors exceptionally well.


Q: Are there any new features/details?

A: We referenced vintage details to give the group a classic vibe while keeping the bag shapes current and modern with clean shapes and lines.  You’ll also notice that these bags have a fantastic drape to them when carried; we worked closely with our pattern-makers to analyze each bag’s inner components to create styles that have just enough structure without being overly stiff or hard to wear. 

Screen Shot 2013-02-18 at 9.30.06 AM

Q: What are some of your favorite things about this new and improved bag group? 

A: We love the colors! The leather really pops in saturated spring hues! We also adore the trendier “Shopper” style and the more classic “Satchel” and “Flap” styles! We think all three are needed for your bag wardrobe!

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