Satchels have been around since time immemorial. Originally known as Legionnaire’s Bags, they were carried by Roman infantry and held everything that the mobile soldiers owned. They’ve even been discovered among ancient ruins!

Fragments of leather satchel found at Loch Glashan, Scotland. Courtesy of The Glasgow Museum.

Despite this long history, it wasn’t until the mid 20th century that satchels were embraced as an iconic style. Simple, versatile and practical, they became the school bag of choice in the 1950s. The style has been a mainstay ever since.

This classic silhouette was a major inspiration for our Vintage Revival Satchel. We love the clean lines and the center buckle on this beautiful vintage piece:

Check out the groovy monogram on the strap! Image courtesy of Loopy Mango.

Our version is a modern update on the original. We’ve kept the basic shape and front buckle detail, but shifted to a top opening for easier access. We also added two interior media pockets, giving new-school function to an an old-school style. A detachable strap adds a great crossbody wearing option.

Pick up our Vintage Revival Satchel and make your own history. It’s a timeless addition to any wardrobe!