Some of our favorite sightings from around the web and blogsphere this week:

1. Made of 2.1 million dots, this portrait took 138 hours to create.  The story behind the piece is just as incredible as the art!

2. A D.I.Y. project for the succulent obsessed.

3. We can’t take our eyes off this housing project in Denmark that was designed to resemble floating icebergs.

4. Inspiring kaleidoscope-esque artwork by Etsy artist Sarah Giannobile.

5. This graphic, interactive calendar reveals daily historical facts—learn how it works!

6. FieldCandy: the tents we wish we had when we were kids camping in the back yard.

7. Loving the look of layered wallpapers by “the queen of pretty geometrics” and her 11 collection.

8. A museum off the beaten path that’s worth seeing the next time you’re in Las Vegas!