WeeklyRewind_130215Happy day after Valentine’s Day!  We still have the heart day on our mind as we gathered up our favorites from around the web this week…

1. We loved seeing all the great men’s style at New York Fashion Week

2. Did anyone get chocolates for V-Day with packaging that rivals this?  We sure didn’t…

3.  This Valentine for furry wilderness creatures melted our hearts

4. A new favorite Kickstarter product: a book-like lamp

5. Wax kisses + patterns and typography = one great V-Day gift!

6. So inspired by this wall (or ceiling?) full of hand-cut stars

7. Bookmark these fun and free printable cards for next year!

8. These simple but intricate paper cuttings by Eiko Ojala will blow your mind…

9. We’d love to visit this modern restaurant with accents of vintage typography