WeeklyRewind_130531Our favorite Internet finds for this week:

1. A DIY treehouse project that will make your childhood dreams come true.

2. Father’s Day is around the corner, if you don’t have a card yet we suggest Quill and Fox.

3. A “Branding” Pinterest board we are hooked on. Thanks, Alyson Brown!

4. Crisp, bold, colorful—everything we wish our floors were thanks to these masterpieces.

5. Have you checked out our “Summer Loving” Pinterest Board? We’re really getting inspired by the season.

6. The Cools is the latest in our online shopping demise. Sign up if you haven’t already.

7. We wish we could see this gravity-defying stool instillation by Ai Weiwei in person.

8. A recipe for whoopie pie cookies that comes with pointers for baking with kids—delicious and helpful!

9. And we’re loving the geometric branding behind Rhino Tiger Bear wines and ciders.