Happy Friday! Here are some links we love this week:
1. Relax with a drink after work with this Matterhorn glass. As tough as your day may have been, scaling the 14,500 ft. mountain would be tougher.

2. This poster offers a quick history lesson of over 2000 years of camera models.

3. This prototype of a completely collapsible bike forgoes spokes altogether!

4. Bring your creativity into your home furniture with an easy upholstered brushstroke bench DIY.

5. These cute cartoons outline where to pet some animals – apparently goldfish don’t appreciate being petted!

6. You can lead those work fridge scavengers away from your lunch with these moldy sandwich bags.

7. These artistically designed teabags are oh-so-fancy!

8. For an ice-cold summer treat, try some watermelon popsicles.