We were pinning and bookmarking like crazy this week thanks to all the inspirational stuff on the web. From a glitter-covered candy D.I.Y. to a pig that stole our hearts, here are some of of our favorites this week:

1. More street style fashion outside the London runway shows on Face Hunter.

2. Is it too early to start thinking about stocking stuffers? We think not.

3. Glitter-covered, gem-shaped chocolate over on P.S. I Made This.

4. Love this art from Elvia Perrin. Doesn’t it look like denim?

5. Super sleek iPhone dock perfect for working from home, or for just showing off.

6. These Halloween-themed supplies made us smile, especially the “The Awfully Bad Guide to Monster Housekeeping.”

7. American artist Tauba Auerbach printed this RGB Colorspace Atlas. Amazing!

8.  Anachroquarianism, an exhibit by Kristjana S. Williams, is truly a sight to see.

9. Who knew pigs and goats were such pals?